ADAM Questionnaire for Men
BPH Symptom Index
Candida Screening Questionnaire
Child Neurotransmitter Assessment
Colon Transit Time
Daily Activity Questionnaire
Depression Anxiety Stress Scales
Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Journals
Exercise Goals and Tracking Journal
Exercise History Questionnaire
Female Intake Questionnaire
Finance Agreement
Male Intake Questionnaire
Metabolic Assessment
Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
Neurotransmitter Assessment
Patient Record of Disclosures
Sleep Questionnaire
Thyroid Screening Questionnaire
Toxin Exposure Questionnaire

Patient Handouts

Modified Pritikin
Glycemic Index of Common Foods
Protein Sources
A Guide to Cooking with Fats and Oils
A Guide to Eating Gluten-Free
Anti-Candida Food Plan
Artificial Sweeteners
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Better Butter for the Gut
Bread Substitute Recipe
Breathing Techniques to Soothe the Soul
Building a Better Smoothie
Cooking to Preserve Nutrients
Cruciferous Vegetables_v2
Dental Amalgam Removal Protocol
Dust Mite Protocol_v2
Eating a Balanced Diet
Eating For Your Microbiome
Eating on a Budget
Fibromyalgia Tender Point Chart_v2
Food Sources of Antioxidants
Food Sources of Calcium
Food Sources of Dietary Fiber
Food Sources of Essential Fatty Acids
Food Sources of Folate
Food Sources of Lean Protein
Food Sources of Magnesium
Food Sources of Sodium
Food Sources of Vitamin A
Food Sources of Vitamin B12
Food Sources of Vitamin C
Food Sources of Vitamin D
Food Sources of Vitamin E
Food Sources of Zinc
Foods Rich in Mold Protein Allergens
Health Benefits of Napping
Health Benefits of Nuts
HEPA Air Purifiers_v2
Herbal Infusions
Hidden Foods_v2
Hidden Sources of MSG
Increasing Movement with Office Exercises
Indoor Mold Information
Macronutrients – Carbohydrates
Macronutrients – Fats and Oils
Macronutrients – Proteins
Meditation – How to Get Started_v2
Micronutrients – Minerals
Micronutrients – Phytonutrients
Micronutrients – Vitamins
Mindful and Intuitive Eating
Mindful Breathing
Mindfulness for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
Nasal Cleansing Using a Neti Pot
Nutrient Rich Foods
Perimenopause to Menopause
Phytonutrient Spectrum – Checklist for Kids_v3
Phytonutrient Spectrum Foods_v3
Power of Rest in Creating Optimal Health and Wellness
Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods_v2
Resources for Wearable Devices and Tracking Tools
Testing for Low Stomach Acidity_v3
Tips to Incorporate Mindful Movement Every Day
Understanding Food Labels
Understanding Organics, GMOs, and Pesticides
Understanding Trigger Foods
Vitamin D – A Requirement for Health Living
What is Fiber